Frequently Asked Questions

Onward Flights generates an onward ticket for showing as proof of onward travel to airline check-in staff

An onward ticket is useful when you want to enter a country without purchasing a flight out

Why use

  • Avoid buying a full-price onward ticket which you'd have to change or cancel later
  • Avoid committing to travel dates when you are unsure of your travel plans
  • No complicated multi-step form, we take as little data as possible in order to save you time
  • No risk of getting stuck with a nonsensical flight, you can choose from various routes available
  • No waiting, your ticket is instantly available for you to use, no humans required

What do you receive?

After you pay – the ticket is unscrambled instantly, which you can show at the counter as is (you probably want to hide the URL) or screenshot for later - we'll email you a link and a pdf of it too

What if check-in staff look up the flight number?

Onward Flights generates tickets using real flight data, these flights exist at the date and time shown

Can I use my Onward Flights ticket to fly?

No, the tickets we generate are to show check-in staff that ask to see an onward flight

Do I have to pay the price of the flight?

No, you are paying for the convenience of having a generated ticket, not to take the actual flight

Can you change the details on my onward ticket?

No, if you require any changes you will need to generate a new ticket

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